Transform Your Bathroom: Top Bathroom Trends for 2024

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bathroom remodeling
Matching marble, adding fluted features for texture, and more are some of the top bathroom remodeling trends in 2024.
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Do you know you need a new bathroom but have no idea where to start? The style of modern bathrooms is ever-changing. No matter how big or small your Seattle bathroom changes are, we’ve got you covered. Having a grasp of current bathroom remodeling trends, however, can assist you in making educated judgments regarding the allocation of your remodeling resources. Here are a few bathroom renovations ideas to help you cope with that pressure and know what to look for. 

Walk in Showers

While roll-top and freestanding bathtubs were popular in previous years, walk-in showers are popular this year in bathroom remodeling. With their sleek design that complements both large and small bathrooms, will 2024 be the year we finally say goodbye to the tub?

No threshold, uniform tile flooring, and a walk-in shower for a truly seamless experience. The smooth floor will make any bathroom seem more spacious, but it will work wonders in cramped quarters. To fit the slope of the shower, choose smaller floor tiles. Penny rounds, small-scale chevrons, hexagons, and even tiny stone tiles like river rock can provide a relaxing spa atmosphere.

Colorful Bathrooms

Among the many fads of the 1970s bathroom remodeling that are making a triumphant return in the year 2024 is brightly colored sanitary ware. Also, don’t freak out if this bathroom remodel idea makes you think of those terrible avocado bathroom suites; more subtle, natural tones are all the rage right now.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, brighter hues are now all the rage. The days of sticking to neutrals and blues are over. Now, more fun styles are making their mark, resulting in a more homey layout.

If you want your personality to shine through in the bath remodel design, use bold paint colors. Although this element is easy to adjust later on, making this option can be scary. There are many ways to make a colorful statement in a bathroom, but a design that is saturated with colors is sure to turn heads. 

Greens, beiges, pinks, and greys are incredibly popular for colorful sanitary ware, which is not surprising given their prevalence in interior design. Green will be the coloring of choice in 2024. The color green was all the rage in bath remodel, which typically followed kitchen trends by around 18 months. To continue the natural concept, include wood in accessories or vanity units and old brassware in shades of green, which are commonly associated with nature.

New Vessel Sink

Consider replacing your old sink with a new one as a stylish way to update your bathroom. Updating a vessel sink can give it a more refined and sophisticated appearance. To take your vessel sink to the next level of chic, consider installing a stainless-steel faucet. Your sink’s material is likewise up for grabs. 

Alternate sink materials are available; for instance, tempered glass can be used in place of enameled cast iron. Having two sinks instead of one can free up more room on the countertop and in the cabinets. Once again, hiring a professional is your best bet when it comes to plumbing and installation-related bathroom renovations.

Small and Functional Designs

If you’re living in a small house, this will be a lifesaver. Another way to make your bathroom feel more like an outside space is to face it toward the light. Long, vertical, transparent glass walls create a sense of space. One more way to liven up even a little bathroom makeover is with mosaic tile.

Transitional Bathrooms

With just the right amount of detail, it strikes a lovely balance between classic and modern bathroom styles. Its primary elements are a shaker-style vanity with light-hued stone worktops, marble and quartz flooring and walls, an under-mount sink, an elevated bathtub, mosaic tile, an acrylic or glass shower section, classic lighting with chandeliers, and modern wall cones.

Marble Matching

Designers really are making the most of a compact area by decorating it in a range of natural textures and cool tones. The marble sinks and luxurious fixtures placed in the center of the vanity not only made the most of the space but also added a striking focal point.

Modern Fixtures

Wall-mounted shower heads are simple and practical, while handheld heads with flexible hoses are great for washing hair and other hard-to-reach areas. Integrated into the bathroom walls are body sprayers that can be modified to massage the body or create a calming mist, while ceiling-mounted rainshower heads provide the water. With its three shower heads and above the drop-in sink, this bathroom is perfect for two people sharing a shower.

Installed beneath the countertop, the under-mount sink is simple to clean. Countertops composed of solid surface materials and stone are both serviceable to them. Countertops sometimes have beautiful bowls called vessel sinks. Various materials, such as glass and stone, are at your disposal. You may get pedestal sinks in elliptical, rectangular, or the more classic oval design; they’re space-saving and always in style. People in wheelchairs may easily use the higher toilet, and it’s also a good option for households who don’t have children.

Bottom Line

Even though bathrooms, along with powder rooms, are often the smallest rooms in a house, a simple makeover can transform the space and give the impression that the whole house is being renovated. Therefore, to save money, it’s crucial to do remodeling projects correctly. Having said that, bath remodel is a joy when done well, and remodeling, in general, is a fantastic experience.
Bald Eagle Remodeling is the one to call if you are interested in remodeling your bathroom in Seattle area. We will be at your side during the entire process so that 2024 will be the year of incredible change in your bathroom.